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Tsebo Beverages, a specialised solution for specialised tastes

Brewing for over 50 years, Tsebo Beverages is dedicated to providing beverage solutions that best suit you and your organisation’s needs. Our services range from vending management to water dispensers, snacks and hot and cold beverage vending solutions. As a market leader, we’ve identified the need for comprehensive vending solutions and aim to service an array of industries.



As a leading workplace management solutions provider across Africa, Tsebo Solutions Group offers our clients improved workplace productivity that supports their success.

Our local expertise, global standards and innovative integrated solutions enable us to be the company that supports the best companies across Africa.

Tsebo beverages


Dedicated to providing workplace amenities that amplify your business’ productivity and comfort to your employees, Tsebo recognises the importance of fresh and healthy options on offer. From tea and coffee to water and nourishing snacks, Tsebo Beverages provides full turnkey beverage services.

In-house products include: Simply Pure and Perk Up, as well as customised coffee shops. Additionally, high-street brands such as Vida-E, Truth and Starbucks are available. No matter your requirements, Tsebo Beverages sees the glass full.

On the menu

Our offerings

To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, companies need to have amenities that reduce downtime and aid talent retention. If you’ve noticed your staff regularly leaving the office for a decent cup of coffee, you’ve got a problem that needs fixing.

This is why we are able to supply you with premium coffee and tea, an unmatched track record, snacks and refreshments, personal service and friendly staff & a specialised boardroom service.

Our offerings

On the menu

Tsebo Beverages offers professional coffee and refreshment services for your team, scaled to your needs. We provide high-quality products, quality service and unmatched attention to detail for your team members to feel valued. Our refreshment solutions keep employees energised, motivated and ultimately help your company improve productivity.

Coffee shops

■ In-house brands
■ Bespoke brands
■ High-street brands

Hot beverage solutions

■ Vending
■ Professional barista solutions
■ One-touch fresh milk coffee machines
■ Filter coffee

Drinking water supply

■ On-site premium water-bottling solution
■ POU water coolers
■ 20L water cooler supply

Touchless vending

■ Telemetry
■ Tag, card, cashless
■ Payment systems
■ Credit/debit card
■ Phone tap and go


Should you wish to create a bespoke coffee shop for your brand, we can assist you to set it up. Choose from a wide range of tailored beverages, snacks and retail solutions.


The Lavazza coffee we drink today is the result of 120 years of selecting only the best coffee beans from all corners of the alobe to cater to every taste.

Truth Coffee offers five blends developed and roasted the old way. Expect no less than the
fullest flavours elevated to match your unique taste.

Established in 2018, this
vivacious newcomer prioritises fair trade in the coffee bean market, and values every individual and their part in the process of bean to blend.

Inspired by the street cafès of Portugal, Vida e Caffè has combined coffee with South African culture for over 20 years.


Tsebo has partnered with the best local and international brands in the beverage vending solutions to expand our offerings.

– Fully automatic one-touch vending machines
– Traditional coffee machines
– Nespresso machines

We stock teas of the highest quality and premium coffee roasts and blends. Our team works with you to provide tailored solutions based on your corporate requirements. We design the ideal mix of top brands and office favourites to satisfy the preferences of employees, clients and customers. We can even create a signature blend that works for your brand.

Drinking Water Supply

Water is good for you! There are no two ways about it. Tsebo Beverages prides itself on well-established strategic partnerships that work to deliver drinking water supply of the highest standard. Whether you need a cost effective and environmentally sustainable plumbed-in option or water delivered to your premises, we can assist with all your hydration needs.

Coges Telemetry

The Coges cashless key tag system allows you to monitor or control the number of vends allocated per person. The client sets the parameters in respect of the daily or monthly allocation. Coges telemetry provides notifications of all breakdowns and refill requirements, as well as detailed usage reports in real time.


Distance Selection is a new Hygiene Management System for Azkoyen automatic machines, which prevents the direct contact with the selection panel of the machine without the use of any tool.

Reducing the risk of spread whilst providing a touch of sophistication and fun to the process.



As a leading workplace management solutions provider across Africa, Tsebo Solutions Group offers our clients improved workplace productivity that supports their success. We have over 50 years of experience and an extensive national footprint.


Our footprint

+27 (0)51 403 7960

Cape Town
+27 (0)21 595 8300

East London
+27 (0)43 753 0201/2/4

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+27 (0)10 753 2006


Our values

We embrace highly ethical, moral and respectful behaviour, without exception.


We seek opportunity, respond rapidly, strive for continuous improve-ment and behave like intrapreneurs.


We care for people, communities and the environment.


We are industrious, efficient and dependable.



As a leading workplace management solutions provider across Africa, Tsebo Solutions Group offers our clients improved workplace productivity that supports their success. We have over 50 years of experience and an extensive national footprint.

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something to soothe the soul

Whether you are on the go or need something to soothe the soul, it’s always time to ‘Perk Up’. We provide quick, convenient food and beverages that are both tasty and healthy. Perk Up offers customers fresh, wholesome seasonal ingredients together with our signature roast coffee.

Simply Pure – A name that immediately suggest fresh, real, untainted and
naturally healthy food and beverages. Whether you’re an intuitive eater or trying for the first time to improve the way you eat and drink, Simply Pure will revolutionise how you approach food and drink and lead you down the path to a healthier life.

the joy of tasting the extraordinary

Ambrosia is a bespoke café that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a tuk-tuk, pop-up cart or barista tricycle, Ambrosia has the perfect solution for you to give you the joy of tasting the extraordinary.

Sustainability, CRAFT and community

Jamii Café offers fresh food, craft coffee, and an array of beverages to suit any palate in one traditional yet contemporary package. Choose from an array freshly baked pastries and convenient service. Sustainability and community is at the heart of Jamii Café.

Wethu meaning “Ours” in Xhosa, is a unique trendy, cosmopolitan coffee shop experience with local flavour. The style and décor aims to capture the vibey city life ambience. For those needing an escape from their desk, just follow the aromas, and let your nose lead you. It’s the aroma and the balance of flavour unique to each city that pulls you away from your desk.


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